What is Tathastu Water Softener

It works on resonating electromagnetic principal, a new innovation in water conditioner/softener. It is actually a “Resonating force Converter”, which converts hard water elements (chlorides) in the form of calcium, magnesium, sodium and boron in neutralized nano-particles that passes through your irrigation system. The Tathastu Water Softener helps to neutralized or converts it in to pure form of the mineral, that control hard water elements from sticking on the interior of your irrigation line and soil. ...Read More

Hard Water Problems in Farming

Scaling on water pipe line and around water motor pipe, Dripper irrigation line and sprinkler nozzles chock because of lime scaling that means no uniform water supply to all crops . High TDS water burn tips of leaves in farming, Reduce growth of the plant as compare to normal water farming . Now don't worry nature give us science as good gift to protect nature. Tathastu water softener is the only solution, with this forget all problems _ _ all cost effectively. ...Read More


Tathastu Water softener changes the chemical structure of the hard Water. This forces decomposes the molecules into a new form, It just changes molecular structure of the minerals' make it in pure form , so the calcium , iron and other minerals stay in the water but never form hard scale at walls of piping, fixtures, and appliances. These all silent minerals are very much important for crop and human. The water coming from Tathastu water softener never form a crusty layer of salt or iron on the ground , these all minerals are more easily absorbed into the ground and the crops, which gives both a healthier environment to grow crops and increases the yield....Read More

Benefits for soil & Crop

Reduce the tip burn problem in leaves
Reduce disease in root & livestock
Improves soil structure and PH
Increase growth rate of the plants

Increase seed germination
Increase crop yield and weight by 18% to 28%.
Increase solubility of water
Increase oxygen concentration which help for natural growth

Increase water absorption
It clean the root hair and root cap area in the soil
The vegetation period decreases
Remove and prevent scaling on dripper and sprinkler